From casual players to celebrities, our diverse body of curious chess learners reflects our wide-ranging appeal.

Chess Tutors

Our chess tutors are distinguished by their dual mastery as exceptional chess players and highly-skilled educators.

Years In Operation

Unwaveringly committed to the art of teaching chess, we've mastered this to a science over the past few years.

Who we are

Welcome to the world of MyChessTutor. We see chess as more than a game – it's a journey of strategy and resilience.

Our tale starts with Priyav, our founder. A chess enthusiast (and master) who turned an 18-year chess-playing career into a dream – MyChessTutor.

At MyChessTutor
, you're guided by top-tier chess instructors. They're not just skilled players, they're inspiring mentors who effectively communicate the complexities of the game. We handpick them after a strict selection process, ensuring that every student’s experience is as engaging as it is enriching.

Our curriculum caters to everyone, from beginners making their first move to seasoned players refining their craft. We design lessons to help you understand and appreciate the intricate dance of chess pieces.

Are you ready to start your chess journey? Join us at MyChessTutor, and let's write your chess story together.

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