Step 1: Schedule your intro session

  1. Test out our process to see if lessons are right for your child.
  2. Your child will learn some fun tricks they can start using immediately.
  3. An unforgettable experience that gets your child excited about chess.
  4. Just $1 (to reserve a time-slot), 20-minutes, and over Zoom.
  5. Enjoy the experience want to sign up for lessons after? We'll walk you through our recommended programs & pricing options.
Schedule your 20-min Zoom intro session

Can I skip the intro and sign up for lessons directly?

Unfortunately, no. To match your child with the most suitable tutor and to place them in the right program, we need to assess their current level, understand their goals, and get to know them as a student. Having this intro session sets the foundation for a successful time with us!

Why does this intro session cost $1.00 USD?

If we offered this for free, we wouldn't attract serious chess learners. Due to limited availability on our calendar, we can only accommodate those who are truly ready and serious.

Cultivate Key Life Skills

Navigating the battlefield of black and white pieces cultivates mental agility, foresight, problem-solving prowess, and artistic imagination.

Develop Sportmanship

In the quiet duel of chess, respect for the opponent, grace under pressure, and fair play become the learned lessons of sportsmanship.

Academic Success

This game of strategy proves to be an academic ally, boosting focus, memory retention, math acuity, and a knack for logical reasoning.

How it works

Our process

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Schedule your $1 intro session. Test out the MyChessTutor experience! We'll meet you and your child over Zoom for a fun and value-packed assessment - where we'll teach a few tricks of the trade, develop a plan for long-term improvement, and walk you through our recommended programs & pricing.

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We'll pair your child with one of our expert tutors. Based on our evaluation, this is the tutor we think would be the best fit for your child. They'll guide your little one through the exciting world of chess and ensure a kid-friendly learning experience that your child will absolutely love.


Start your chess mastery journey. We offer lessons Mondays through Sundays, from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (all U.S.A timezones). Choose your preferred time-slots and desired lesson frequency. Enjoy complimentary homework, lesson notes, and offline resources to support your child's chess progress.

Schedule your intro session

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