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MyChessTutor is a growing online chess academy and we're on the hunt for talented instructors to join our team. If you love chess and enjoy teaching others, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Work from the comfort of your own home and teach 10-15 lessons per week. This is a contract position, but many of our instructors tend to work exclusively with us due to the great work environment and opportunities we offer.

We believe in investing in our instructors and helping them become better coaches, communicators, and professionals. You'll have the chance to teach private 1-1 lessons to students ranging from 5 years to 88 years of age and from complete beginners to 2000+ rating. We'll pair you with students who are a good fit for you. We use Zoom & Lichess for lessons, and payments are sent every month based on all the lessons you complete in a given month. We send payments to you quickly and efficiently.

We offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to work at your own hours and choose when to teach lessons. We strongly prefer instructors who can teach afternoons and evenings, Mondays through Fridays, and mornings on the weekend (all USA time). If you demonstrate loyalty, success, and results, you'll be rewarded with higher pay and more exciting teaching opportunities. Our goal is to support, mentor, and guide you so that you can become the best instructor you can be. We provide training on the best ways to teach and regularly audit your lessons to point out areas of improvement.


Hiring Process Stages

From start to finish, our total application process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

Complete our initial written application. Please reserve 20-30 to complete this application.

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