An adult chess learner sitting by a chess board

Chess lessons for adults - who would've thought? Embark on a journey with adult chess lessons, where the timeless game sharpens your mind, enriches your life, and connects you with a community of like-minded enthusiasts.

A few chess pieces stand on top of a bunch of USD bills

How much do chess lessons cost? Learn to discern value from price and make an informed financial decision for your chess goals. Updated for 2024!

A wise old man teaching a kid chess

Finding the right chess coach can be make or break. Embark on a journey to chess mastery with the right coach by your side. This 2024 guide shows you how.

A chart showing the progression of chess rating from novice to grandmaster

A comprehensive guide to chess ratings: uncovering how players are ranked from novice to grandmaster, and what you can do to increase your rating. Updated for 2024!